Excited Children in Science Class

Science Saturday Activities

Science Saturdays are our newest educational science programs, available free to the guests every Saturday at the museum.


These activities include themes related to STEM learning objectives and aim to provide children with fun ways to discover and explore the natural scientific world around them.

Here you can view the activities to experience at home. 

spooky science.png


Fluffy Fall Slime

Discover the chemical process of making fluffy slime from shaving cream!


Dancing Skeletons

How does it work? Is it magic? No, it’s not magic; it’s static electricity! Dancing Skeletons is a simple activity that you can try at home!

spooky science.png
spooky science.png


Witches Brew

Discover potions and chemistry with this fun Halloween activity!


Glow In The Dark Slime

Spooky science with glow in the dark slime!

spooky science.png
spooky science.png



Learn all about chemical solutions with this spooky but simple potions activity!



Check out our chemistry project with this fun Halloween project! 

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